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Meissen cup and saucer, c.1820-40.

Gabor Cossa Antiques » Antiques » Antique Ceramics » Meissen cup and saucer, c.1820-40.

Meissen cup and saucer, c.1820-40. Both pieces are in perfect condition apart from a little wear to the gilding on the rims. There are impressed numbers to both pieces: the saucer has B and 27 and the cup has B81 and 60 (or 09). The saucer has, in under-glaze blue, the crossed swords with the Marcolini star underneath and an initial (not sure what) on the inside rim. The crossed swords have a line underneath and the number 67 in puce. Does this mean that the decoration is not best quality? The cup has the crossed swords and the Marcolini star and the number 115 in over-glaze gilt.

The saucer is 136mm. in diameter.

Price: £70.00

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