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Hackwood toy blue and white plates. “Institution” pattern.

Gabor Cossa Antiques » Antiques » Antique Ceramics » Hackwood toy blue and white plates. "Institution" pattern.

Hackwood toy plates. "Institution" pattern. Two round dinner plates and two rectangular meat plates. The smaller round plate is 78mm. in diameter and weighs 31g. The other is 81mm. in diameter and weighs 21g. The smaller ashet is 86mm. wide and weighs 25g. and the larger is  130mm. wide and weighs 59g.

They're all impressed:"Hackwood" in capital letters. They're all in perfect condition and date from around 1825.

Prices: the round plates are £25 each, the smaller ashet is £34 and the larger is £40.

Price: £30.00

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